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Demo Day

June 2018:

We started the remodel process over 2 years ago. At times it felt like it would never happen. Finally, the ball is rolling!

If you've ever seen the show "Fixer Upper", you know how excited Chip Gaines gets over Demo Day. I can honestly say I felt the same way. The day we got to rip out cabinets, carpet, and drywall was a GREAT day. It's fantastic to take out all your frustrations on an inanimate object while saving money doing it ourselves!

Babe Vila was a beast. There was no stopping him. He rounded up some good buddies (thanks, Dave, Chris, Max, Rich, and Larry!!) and over a couple weekends and we all got busy, even our girls got involved.

And then...we discovered the under-layer. Sounds like something out of "Stranger Things", right? Well it was just about as scary with several "What the..." statements coming out of our mouths.
Underneath the drywall was...surprise!...wood paneling. Yep, they just slapped drywall on top of paneling. …

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