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It's just like HGTV!! Sort of.

October 2017

We've kicked off the month with some excitement. We met with the architect & designer to discuss and see what options they devised for the remodel. We have a plan! Well, a "floor plan and section building option" to be precise. This is what we've been waiting on for over a year (see previous post on architect #1 that fell through plus drudging through budget and the Cadillac remodel) and I am beyond happy to have a direction to be moving.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well this picture is worth a thousand hours. All those days editing and reading schematics back when I was an engineer came in handy though I'm obviously NOT an architect, designer, contractor, or anything of the sort. And I'm sure my husband would have the patience to produce better and more precise quality. Don't judge, just marvel at my basic attempt at the existing floorplan for the main level - ALL HAIL MSExcel!! I left off (ok, I got lazy) all the littl…

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