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Drowning in Details

September 2018

It's been a whirlwind at the cabin.

I can honestly say that I will NEVER build a house. I have quickly discovered much of the minutia of this remodel is draining. There are a 1001 decisions to make and some just seem much more complicated than they should be.

Ok, maybe I'd build a house if I didn't have children. Or pets. Or a job. Or a budget.  I digress.

On the flip side, I will also say that I've learned quite a bit about taking things in stride, what's really important, and not getting worked up over changes, delays, and details. Maybe I've become a Zen-Master-in-training or maybe a Master-of-not-giving-a-hoot? Only time will tell.

Let get to some updates.

We picked siding! You might expect a cabin in the Colorado Rockies to be sheathed in logs or cedar. Oh not ours, dear reader.

We HAD wood plank siding and it was an absolute nightmare to maintain. Knots popping out and leaving holes for critters to setup camp. The 300 days of sunshine, comb…

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