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A-Frame Septic Update


Though certainly not a glamorous update, servicing the septic is technically the first update made.  Gotta have a reliable place to "go".  The septic system was installed in 1996 and amazingly is properly sized to 2017 codes for a 2 bedroom house with garbage disposal and laundry, with the capability of supporting a 3 bedroom house.  What did the house use prior to 1996, you ask?  An outhouse.  Yep, you read correctly.  There's an actual outhouse next to the cabin, currently boarded off and used for storage.  The outhouse's future is still being decided, but I digress....back to the septic.   We knew it needed to be pumped.  Nobody in the family could remember the last time, if ever?!?, that it was pumped.  We didn't even know where the tanks were exactly.  Good thing the county provided us copies of the original installation permit that had the general location and distances sketched out. JD found the name of a local septic service company that …

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